Mushroom Seed

  • These large, ball-shaped mushroom kernels provide a larger surface area for glazes, coatings, and other flavorings to stick to. The mushroom kernels are large and round with no "Wings" that would break off when tossed in a coating. Butterfly-style popcorn is the popular, recognizable variety with fragile "wings" protruding from all sides. 

    These large popcorn kernels won’t break apart when you pop then add a coating, allowing you to serve fully-rounded, generously-sized popcorn. Great for making kettle corn; It holds up to all the manual tossing. Add sweet or savory flavor using popcorn flavorings and seasonings, or just stick with the widely popular salt and butter toppings. This colossal corn is sure to draw the oohs and aahhs!

    Bags are 3 lbs - to order larger quantities please contact us. 

    *Not included in $32 free shipping